Scholarship for students, PhD students and professors at the University of Debrecen for summer courses

Dear Colleague,
I would like to inform you on two grants of the Debrecen Summer School in Hungary. They offer free places on the following two courses for Slovene students and academics for this summer:
– Hungarian Language and Culture Summer Course (21 July — 3 August 2019):
– Hungarian History and Culture in the 19th–20th Centuries (22 July — 3 August 2019):

The grant covers the accomodation, full board and the tuition fee of the choosen course. (It doesn’t cover the travel costs and the cost of the teaching material.)

If you are interested, or do you have any interested colleague(s), student(s), respectively, please contact me until the 24 July, so I can forward the nam(es) and e-mail address(es) to the organizers.

Thank you for your kind assistance to spread this possibility to all of the potencial interested persons!

Yours faithfully,

Tamás Kruzslicz

lecturer of Hungarian Language

Department of Comperative and General Linguistics,

Faculty of Arts